The grand and amazing Captain Hook has a secret.
A secret so incredible, he'd sooner DIE than ever let it be known.
Not really. But it makes him sound more interesting right?James Beckett is a shy boy. He hates school. He loves games and puzzles. He hates the looming threat of adulthood. He loves dreaming and having fun. He loves romance. He Hates Crocodiles.Croc O'Dile is the scourge of the sea. The Romeo of the waters. The grand rival of the Sea Dog Captain Hook. Does he have secrets at all??Seth C. Rostom is a big and jolly guy. He loves to cook. He loves to laugh. He loves to dream and have fun. He loves James Beckett.Too bad for him that he's a crocodile. Womp Womp

SethHook is a story created by Renee and Enki!
We are cooking food at our own pace...
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🌊⚓ James Beckett

charismatic • adventerous • chuunibyou • wobbly

  • AKA: Captain Hook, Hookie

  • Age: 20 years old

  • Height: 6'0" tall

  • Birthday: June 8, Gemini

  • Associated With: Seagulls, 🏴☠️, 🌙

  • Favorite Food: Cereal Milk Panna Cotta

Captain Jack Scarborough Hook is a 3rd year student and is the school’s one and only dashing, chivalrous, and eccentric pirate captain. He runs his own club, Hook’s Grand Adventure, a pirate larp club for everyone to have fun in! He’s a big kid at heart who loves dreaming big and imagining all sorts of adventures. Hook never wants to grow up.In reality, Hook is a chuunibyou student who’s real name is James Beckett. Rarely seen outside of his Hook persona, James is a more reserved, shy man who’s more than a little nervous and unsure of himself.

⏰🐊 Seth Rostom

boisterous • friendly • reliable • sexy as hellll

  • AKA: Capt. Croc O' Dile

  • Age: 17 years old

  • Height: 6'8" tall (and growing!)

  • Birthday: October 12th, Libra

  • Associated With: Crocodiles, ☀️, lightning ⚡

  • Favorite Food: Tomato Bisque

Seth Chelak Rostom is a young man with aspirations of being a top class chef and opening his own restaurant. He is as friendly as he is loud (and he's very loud). He's very proud of what he's accomplished and looks forward to the future. A big brother to everyone, Seth seems to be the perfect person to rely on, someone strong in mind, body, and heart.In reality, Seth tends to overextend himself for those around him. Because of his mixed heritage (half human and half crocodile fae), Seth has found himself ostracized in various ways from both sides of his identity and, as such, feels like he has no place for himself. Angry at this, Seth decided he would make a place for himself.Eventually, Seth would fall in love with the unknowing James Beckett. He is completely unaware that James is terrified of him.


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AUs & Side Stories

A work in progress...

Growing Up

Seth and Hook have 3 beautiful children as they get older!

the wonderlands... they're soooo twisted
holding hands with cater, the love of my life
also holding hands with jade and idia
tsundere about ace
(as if you can't tell from my twst OCs ahaha)